Yes you do, the app sets priorities to select free data usage first. If unavailable, it will automatically use conventional data costs but we reward you just the same.
The ICO will go live 28th Feb 2018.
You can elect to create an ERC20 compatible wallet through our secure hosted ICO platform or you can supply your own address which we will send the tokens to you on completion of the ICO.
Mesh Networking needs an incentive to organically grow the network, with blockchain and MESH tokens we bring the catalyst for a new free network
100 dollars MIN contribution and no Max contribution
We have reduced the minimum from 1000 USD to 100 USD based on various requests received from interested parties.
Mesh holders will earn up to 30% return just for holding their tokens for one year.
Hold your investment for at least a year to earn up to 30% return in rewards for holding.
Any ERC 20 Ethereum wallet will support the token
We also have partnered with Bancor which will allow instant liquidity with any other ERC20 token supported by the Bancor Network
Please refer to our WHITEPAPER showing the planned distribution

By utilizing mesh networking technology we are able to create an interconnected network of multiple smart devices without the need for traditional cell towers, data plans or ISPs. Each device that connects to the Mesh will do so using Bluetooth (or WiFi if available) and each device will act as a ‘mini cell tower’ or repeater which just extends the range of the network.

For example, picture a train with 6 carriages and each carriage contains 1 BlockMesh user. User 1 wants to send a message to User 6. The message (data) that User 1 sends to User 6 will be passed on through each other device (2,3,4,5) on the network (all data is encrypted) until it reaches the recipient in carriage 6.

With layers of  smartphone mesh networks and Special Mesh Networking Wi-Fi routers great distances can be achieved . Future development will bring cell phone covers that double as a backup battery and Wi-Fi extender of 1.5km. We have partnered with the leading company in this field namely Serval.

We have also recently announced our patented smartphone MeshCover which will extend cover up to 15 km.
We have long range routers which we will start deploying next year that will boost the signal 5x to 10x of that of a normal router. This would act like cell towers. Users can also join our partnership program and earn free coins for hosting routers in key locations. Our app also rewards users just to download it and use it for everyday communication. We are aware it will take time to develop a perfect network, that’s why we pay the user to support the network and increase future adoption.
We have partnered with Bancor Network. We have also applied to various exchanges which have accepted our submissions
Pre ICO-was held on the 10 Nov 2017. The sale was a success and sold out. 1% of Mesh tokens was sold at 50% discount.
ICO token hard cap is 10 million and the soft cap is 1 million. The token price will be USD0.05
2 billion total tokens after 10 years. The objective is to sell 220 million tokens during the ICO.
Yes, we have an alpha app that allows for the functioning of the Mesh Networking software. We also have special Mesh extenders that will amplify the range. Future plans include cross platform software solutions.
We have reduced the minimum from 1000 USD to 100 USD based on various requests received from interested parties.
All MESH holders can earn up to 30% for holding their tokens for one year. During the year multiple airdrops will occur at random rewarding token holders. This is to encourage stability in the first year.
The Pre-ICO funds raised are utilized to launch a successful ICO. Funds are used for marketing, legal counsel, compensation of specialists in their respective fields as ICO advisers, procuring additional staff and other services to make this project a successful launch. All funds will be distributed as stipulated in our Whitepaper. The ICO funds will furthermore be deployed in the on-going development and deployment of our existing and planned products and software offerings for our target markets.

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