In 2016, for the first time in history, more people accessed the Internet via mobile than via laptops or desktop computers. Smartphone users have become used to being connected to the Internet wherever they are. An increase in mobile Internet coverage and data consumption has positive effects on the economy according to a recent study compiled by Deloitte.

Accessible mobile Internet gradually becomes one of the pillars of the modern economy.

However, mobile internet is not universally affordable around the world. While the cost of running a smartphone can account for more than 50% of monthly income throughout the African continent, the most expensive countries for mobile data are Canada, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

At BlockMesh, our mission is to drastically reduce the mobile data cost around the world. In an era of information being the most valuable asset, we believe in making communication more affordable as the key to universal growth. We are creating a genuinely decentralized communication network, where users can communicate and stay independent from cellular network providers. The coverage will follow the users, and not the other way around. Thanks to blockchain technology, this goal is realistic.


Bjorn Dingemans

Matthew Schulz
Head of Digital Operations

Wesley Billet
Head of Marketing

Christopher Underwood
Digital Analyst

Nicholas Petendi
Product Manager for Blockchain Development

Jan Petendi
Technical Blockchain & Wallet Developer

Neil Malherbe
Head of Investment

Ryan Lloyd
Project Manager

Josie Eveleigh
Head of Public Relations


Mike Weetman
Advisor (Former CFO of Yahoo and DreamWorks USA)

Jim Brinksma
Strategic Advisor

Shimmy Mehta
Philanthropic Advisor (Founder/ CEO of AngelWish, Karma Geek)

Tumelo Ramaphosa
Growth Advisor

Jason Griessel
Business Development Advisor

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